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Kump is Right for W.Va.

by Cheryl Hess

(from the Saturday, 7 May 2022 edition of "The Journal" daily newspaper)


I have been a resident of the Martinsburg /Hedgesville area all of my life, with the exception of the last seven years. For the last seven years I have been blessed to live in the Spring Mills/ Falling Waters area, in the area which was the former region of District 62, which is now District 94.I want to say some words about former Delegate and new Delegate candidate Larry D. Kump who is running for office in my new district. 

I have personally known Larry and his wife, Cheryl, for several years. They are both wonderful people. Their kindness and generosity are known not only in their large circle of friends and family, but to many small business owners in Falling Waters. 

Larry was one of the hardest working elected officials we have had here in Berkeley County when he held office the six years he served as Delegate. He is a true conservative and is one of the most honest men I have ever witnessed in any elected capacity who has ever represented me. 

From what I have noticed, he is a can-do representative. Larry listens to his constituents, which I have personally experienced. Recently I shared a concern with Larry about damage done to my community by a contractor. I expressed to him that there was a HOA Board meeting scheduled, which I planned on attending to express my concern. Imagine my surprise when I entered the meeting to find that Larry was already there. We were his district and his people and he attended to listen to our concerns and help if possible. Larry indeed cares not only about his constituents needs and concerns, but also the needs and concerns of all people. 

I feel the need to let others in my district know the true character of this trustworthy and hardworking man. He is a former Delegate, yes, but that shows to me that he is experienced and knows the ropes about how to conduct the people’s business on day one when he takes his oath of office again. 

I highly endorse that every person living in the current District 94, formerly District 62 put a great man of high integrity back to work in Charleston on May 10.

Cheryl Hess

Falling Waters, West Virginia

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Ted backs Kump!

"Even though I am NOT in the district for which he is running to be a representative in the WV House of Delegates, I heartily endorse the candidacy of Larry D. Kump.

He is a true Conservative/Constitutionalist who will represent the people of his district well and conscientiously.

I believe in him so much I contributed financially (in a very small way) to his campaign.

I STRONGLY urge you to vote for Larry D. Kump!"

Ted Sternemann

Berkeley County, West Virginia

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