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West Virginia House Delegate

Eric Householder Gives His Endorsement of former Delegate Larry D. Kump for District 94

" I endorse former Delegate Larry D. Kump for the

new District #94, WV House of Delegates!
Larry has fought tirelessly for Eastern Panhandle issues dealing with infrastructure improvements, tax reform, and good governance.
Larry D. Kump will fight for your personal liberties.

He is a Christian, and a hard worker for his constituents.
Please vote for Larry D. Kump on May 10th."


-Delegate Eric Householder, Chairman WV House Finance"

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Berkeley County Sheriff
Nathan Harmon Endorses
Delegate Candidate
Larry D. Kump

Friends and fellow citizens,


Prior to my appointment as Sheriff for Berkeley County, I was the “Legislative Liaison” for the Summit Point Training Center, gathering support for various training programs and tourism for our citizens and Law Enforcement.  In doing so, my travels would lead me to Charleston on multiple occasions, where I initially met Larry Kump as one of our Delegates.  Previously never having had conversations with Mr. Kump, I was hesitant that a surprise visit with him would be welcomed.  To my surprise and delight, Mr. Kump engaged with me and put an honest ear to my concerns without appointment.  I learned immediately that Mr. Kump puts God, Family, and Citizens first and foremost in his work ethic and discussions with his constituents.


If you know me, I am not a person for lip service and I say it how it is.  I put my faith in Former WV Delegate Larry D. Kump as he has shown me, personally, that he is a great conservative and liberty minded Christian Republican, who has proven himself in the public political area in Charleston, with his past record of standing for the rule of law, under our West Virginia and United States Constitutions.


Make no mistake, Larry D. Kump is the real deal when it comes to true conservatism.  Larry has the expertise, knowledge, relationships, and policy acumen that voters in the new District 94 need to hit the floor running, just like I did and promised.  I proudly and enthusiastically give my full endorsement for the election of Larry D. Kump as West Virginia Delegate.  I encourage the voters of the new District 94 to cast their vote for Larry in the May 10th Republican Primary election.


And please, if you reside in the area of District 94 or surrounding, consider supporting Larry’s campaign through his website at (, and also make your personal contribution to his election campaign, whether through Larry’s website or by mailing your contribution to:


Friends of Larry D. Kump

P.O. Box 1131

Falling Waters, WV 25419-1131

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